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Where Innovation meets Tradition

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About Us

We do value the precious inputs from our highly esteemed clientele who have enables us to grow all these decades so that we can design tailor-made products for them, which adds value to their businesses. Their growth and prosperity have helped us evolve from time to time and it is our endeavour to continue offering the best in the near future. Precision Wire Products is a multi-generational family owned and operated business that makes the best products at competitive prices. We import almost nothing, treat our employees, customers, and suppliers right, and take pride in our history while actively planning for our future.

  • One of the West’s largest wire fabricators since 1946.

  • One of the most trusted brands in the industry.

  • Recognized for cutting edge innovation and design of new concept shopping carts and other shelving and back room equipment.

  • Service is our number one priority. Many of our customers have been with us for decades.

  • Family Business with Family values.

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